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AI Technology to support decision making


  • Emergency department activity predictor
  • Unplanned absenteeism predictor
  • Healthcare resource marketplace
  • Customised projects
  • Other solutions for efficient management

Our Solutions

Our proprietary AI technology solutions are designed to support decision making.

Emergency Dept. Activity Predictor

Monitors and predicts typified inflow, space occupation, hospitalisation and surgical pressure.

Icona absentisme laboral

Absenteeism Predictor

Map of absenteeism due to illness, which assists with planning and improves hiring practices.

Icona Marketplace de recursos sanitaris

Healthcare Resource Marketplace

Application for searching, booking, and confirming beds, speeding up the process of patient referral.

Analytical Tools

To support studies and planning tasks, with the help of our experts.

Complex Chronic Patient

Comprehensive analysis of complex, high-cost, chronic patients using AI clustering techniques.

Territorial Flows

Monitoring and analysis of patient flows identifying causes and anomalies, adapted to each healthcare system.

Evolutionary Trajectories

Study of patient trajectories by disease, showing risk of patient status transition.

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Building the future: predictive models

Building the future: predictive models. Our current healthcare system needs a thorough review if it hopes to remain sustainable. We talk about funding as being one of the main obstacles to making public healthcare viable, but this is just one of the aspects to be fixed, albeit a very important one. The trend in demand for health and social services...
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Round Table: AI in Health Care. Ethical and Scientific Challenges

Round Table: AI in Health Care. Ethical and Scientific Challenges. The impact of AI on our society and, more specifically on health care, is already a reality and it is worth stopping to analyze, with a critical eye where necessary, its effects on people, beyond its evident technological advantages. How does it affect patient autonomy? Are diagnosis algorithms safe? Are...
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ViiV Healthcare – Innovation Capsules: DATA ANALYSIS

ViiV Healthcare - Innovation Capsules: DATA ANALYSIS. As part of ViiV's technology dissemination programme, our co-founder and medical director Julianna Ribera, together with the pharmacist of the Puerto Real Hospital, Manuel David, talk to us about how new technologies help in the conduct, analysis and interpretation of clinical trials and cohort studies. This programme aims to offer valuable content and...
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Clusters of patients with nervous system disorders presentation

Clusters of patients with nervous system disorders presentation. Last Friday 27th May, our Medical Director and co-founder Julianna Ribera, gave a workshop to the attendees of the II International Congress of Mental Health and Innovation in Catalonia, held in Manresa. The aim of this workshop was to show health professionals the technological advances in AI, developed by Amalfi Analytics, for...
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II International Congress on Mental Health and Digital Innovation

II International Congress on Mental Health and Digital Innovation. On the occasion of this event, on 27th May, our Medical Director and co-founder, Dr. Julianna Ribera, will give a workshop on technological innovation applied to mental health. EVENT DATA Date: 27th May 2022Place: Sala d'actes Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (Fundació Althaia - Manresa)Time: From 08:30h to 17:30h Download here...
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About us

We are a company that applies artificial intelligence and machine-learning methods to healthcare management.

We make it easy to introduce AI into hospitals, and we do it as a team, with partners and pioneers.

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