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MINT | Marketplace de camas hospitalarias

Bed Marketplace

Congestion at emergency departments is a problem affecting hospital staff, management, and patients. In cases requiring a transfer, the logistics of finding a bed at the receiving institution slow the process down tremendously, using up beds at hospitals and preventing other patients from being treated quickly.

Amalfi Analytics’ MINT acts as a bed marketplace between centers, to speed up the search and allocate beds to patients. Waiting times and resource requirements are immediately reduced, removing an important cause of the congestion problem.


  • Accurate bed availability planning.
  • Reduced uncertainty, improving perception of quality of service.
  • Reduced admin workload.
  • Lower risk of patient complications.
  • Immediate cost reduction.
  • Easy implementation, since it can be used as a stand-alone app, yet easily integrated with other systems.


  • Detailed bed offers – by center, type, and other conditions.
  • Intuitive menu.
  • Pre-booking option.
  • Real-time availability.
  • Usable via web from a desktop or as an app (Android and iOS).
  • Data privacy guaranteed, including EU’s GDPR compliance.

Product datasheet

Hospital Bed Marketplace – MINT