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Amalfi Analytics for

Territorial Agencies and National Healthcare Services

Health services and territorial teams need to access key indicators quickly and be able to see relevant results easily and clearly in order to plan services, and establish health policies and healthcare programs, especially for chronic illnesses.

There are two areas where management can improve key indicators straight away:

Equity, quality, and accessibility of services in territorial planning

Forecasting the evolution of health states, especially for chronic conditions

Amalfi helps comply with these objectives, improving the indicators and with very short implementation times with management tools based on advanced Machine Learning algorithms.

How to improve

in these areas

Equity, quality, and accessibility in territorial planning

  • Detecting patient flows inside the territory.
  • Identifying differences between patients treated in different zones.
  • Allowing to view the whole population or drill down on very specific groups.

Forecasting the evolution of health states

  • Building typical temporal disease trajectories followed by patients with a particular health condition.
  • Describing specific risks, by groups of patients, that can entail a worsening of the condition and/or higher costs.

Our solutions for healthcare agencies

Trajectories and complexity of patients

Territorial management