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Hospitals and Health Institutions

Hospitals and other health institutions face serious workload problems that can bring the center to a standstill. By implementing some management initiatives, many of the causes can be suppressed.

There are two areas where managerial action can reduce the problem almost immediately:

Waiting times at emergency services

Risk of return and readmissions

Amalfi helps hospitals, health centers and primary care institutions improve in these areas swiftly and easily with management tools based on advanced Machine Learning algorithms.

How to improve

in these areas

Waiting time at emergency services

  • Identifying, at point of triage, patients with higher risk of admission and premature return to emergency center.
  • Facilitating search and assignment of beds at other centers in case of hospital transfer.

Risk of return and readmissions

  • Providing an accurate view, by DRG, to identify groups of patients to be treated differently.
  • Anticipating the risk of return and evaluating potential preventive actions.

Solutions for hospitals

Flow optimitation at emergency services

Identifying patients with high risk of readmission

HR management