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Amalfi Analytics for

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies have a large amount of data. By using advanced algorithms such as Amalfi’s they can see results and predictions for decision making that were previously impossible to obtain.

There are three key areas for insurers where improvements have a direct positive impact on results:

Client satisfaction

Prediction of evolution of conditions – Cost reduction

Absenteeism management

With Amalfi, insurers can improve their efficiency in these three areas thanks to our management tools based on Machine Learning algorithms.

How to improve

in these areas

Client satisfaction

  • Reducing waiting times at emergency services.
  • Reducing risk of return.

Prediction of evolution of health states (particularly with chronicity)

  • Conducting actions in smaller groups of patients with certain conditions – based on trajectory prediction.

Prediction of sick leave duration

  • Reducing duration for each leave.
  • Predicting the risk (for each leave) of running over the expected average duration, so preventive actions can be conducted on smaller groups of patients.

Our solutions for insurance companies

Management of readmission risk

Evaluation of patient complexity

HR management