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In this section we have curated some articles, datasheets, webinars, podcasts, and other documents that can be of interest for healthcare managers.

Solution sheet

Solutions for Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions

Find out how hospitals and healthcare institutions can improve their performance indicators and quality in two key areas.

Solution sheet

Solutions for National Health Services

Discover how national health services can apply Machine Learning to radically improve their management without onerous costs or complex changes.

Solution sheet

Solutions for Insurance Companies

Amalfi’s solutions enable insurance companies to increase their efficiency in the most important areas for the organization.

Case study

ALOE at CatSalut

Download this case study to find out how CatSalut’s planners have increased their autonomy and efficiency with ALOE to analyze anomalous patient flows and to improve resource allocation.


ARUM – Product datasheet

ARUM from Amalfi Analytics provides predictive models for abesnteeism to improve planning, reduce costs, and eliminate administrative burden. This datasheet describes ARUM in more detail. 


ANIS – Product datasheet

Amalfi Analytics’ module ANIS allows you to identify variability within patient groups in order to optimize resources dedicated to each group and minimize cost. Download the datasheet to see its main features and discover the value it brings to healthcare managers.


ALOE – Product datasheet

ALOE from Amalfi Analytics allows managers and planners to allocate resources efficiently within a territory. This short datasheet explains how the producto works and lists its main features. 



Amalfi offers powerful tools to facilitate decision making for healthcare managers. Amalfi’s modules enable clinical managers to visualize, analyze, and predict quickly. Download this document for a general overview of Amalfi’s solutions. 


APIS – Product datasheet

Amalfi Analytics’ module APIS is integrated in the organization’s system and it allows you to anticípate risks to imporove attention processes in emergency departments. This datasheet lists the benefits and main features of APIS.


MINT – Product datasheet

Amalfi Analytics’ MINT is a marketplace for hospital beds featuring a clear and intuitive interface that enables healtchare teams speed up bed bookings for safe and fast hospital transfers. Downlowad the datasheet for further details.


ROSE – Product datasheet

Amalfi Analytics’ module ROSE predicts hospital readmissions, which enables substantial resource savings for the organization and improves perceived quality by patients. The product datasheet describes benefits and main features of this module.