Clinical Health Management

Management tools available for healthcare organizations haven’t been developed specifically for this industry. Until now.

ANIS by Amalfi Analytics allows you to identify groups of patients with similar conditions so you can apply different policies and protocols in order to optimize the use of resources and reduce costs, always based on clinical management aspects.


  • Visibility of actual complexity with patrons in chronic processes, showing information and correlations that traditional clustering cannot reflect.
  • Use of comorbidity and polymedication as variables, identified and shown in results.
  • Visualization of patient trajectories within process groups.
  • Learning based on your organization’s data: our Machine Learning model provides realistic and accurate results for your organization.
  • Easy implementation, as it uses existing data in your data warehouse.
  • Improvement of clinical results.


  • Customizable filters based on your organization’s data.
  • Associations to easily visualize groups of diseases.
  • Visual map of trajectories displaying the evolution of complex diseases.
  • Advanced clustering to identify groups of patients with similar patterns with a level of detail beyond traditional statistics.
  • Risk prediction based on variables and data available in your data set.
  • Webservice model (via a web interface) which allows for constant access and easier installation.
  • Data privacy guaranteed, including EU’s GDPR compliance.
  • Offline availability: results can be saved.

Product datasheet

Clinical Health Management – ANIS