Emergency Departments Management

Congestion of emergency services is an unresolved problem that affects hospital staff and managers, as well as patients. Existing solutions until now require unaffordable efforts in data collection and/or are extremely expensive.

APIS by Amalfi Analytics enables anticipating risks to improve attention processes, providing reliable predictions of expected time and resources required by patient at triage point. Clinical staff can therefore accelerate certain processes or tests by patient type and reduce unnecessary waiting times and unneeded tests.


  • Decrease of waiting times thanks to accurate predictions of admission risk and required resources by patient.
  • Reduction of complications and costs as it accelerates the triage process.
  • Increase of patient satisfaction levels.
  • Optimization of processes, from triage to treatments, as it limits tests performed and waiting times.
  • Learning based on your organization’s data: our Machine Learning model provides realistic and accurate results for your organization.
  • Easy implementation, as it uses existing data in your data warehouse.


  • Single-center system.
  • Patient by patient prediction of admission risks and resource requirements.
  • Permanently updated thanks to our Machine Learning algorithm, which adjusts its predictions continuously based on the data from each center.
  • Data privacy guaranteed, including EU’s GDPR compliance.

Product datasheet

Emergency Services Management – APIS