Human Resources Management

Managing Human Resources in healthcare is not an easy task due to absenteeism, specialized roles, and unexpected work peaks. These resource implications are costing medical service providers millions, which makes HR management and planning essential in healthcare

Amalfi Analytics’ ARUM provides predictive models for absenteeism using your existing data to gain new insights and help you plan better. ARUM uses advanced AI and Machine Learning to analyze data regarding current worker casualties and to predict the risk of future leaves. With these results, you can take preventive measures to improve HR planning and achieve significant savings in the associated costs.


  • Reduction of absenteeism.
  • Reduction of accident rates.
  • Ease of follow-ups.
  • Forecast of substitution covers.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Lowered admin work.
  • Model customized to your actual data.


  • Multi-center: ARUM can cater to HR management at a group level, center level or even at territorial level.
  • Easy visualization and interpretation with clear and intuitive graphics.
  • Filters by all variables in the dataset.
  • Follow-up of current leaves and trackable actions.
  • Option to connect to other HR tools.
  • Always updated.
  • Data privacy guaranteed, including EU’s GDPR compliance.
  • SaaS deployment.

Product datasheet

HR Management – ARUM