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Marketplace for healthcare resources

MINT – Marketplace for healthcare resources. Congestion in hospital emergency departments affects healthcare staff, managers and patients. In cases of transfer, the process of finding an available bed in the receiving facility can lengthen the process and limits the beds available in the hospital itself for other patients.

MINT by Amalfi Analytics is a bed marketplace for hospitals and partner facilities that can be adapted to other resources besides beds, to streamline bed booking for patients. Waiting times and resources used are significantly reduced immediately, and a major cause of the congestion problem is eliminated.



  • Real-time supply and demand.
  • Reduction of uncertainty, which improves the perception of the quality of the service.
  • Reduction of administrative work.
  • Reduction of team stress.
  • Reduction of waiting time in transfers.
    Immediate reduction in costs.



  • Choice of bed offers detailed by centre, type and conditions.
  • Intuitive menu.
  • Pre-booking option.
  • Availability in real time.
  • Usable via web from desktop or as an app (iOS and Android).
  • Guaranteed data protection, in accordance with current legislation (including RGPD of the EU).
Mint-market place de resursos

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