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Territorial Health Management

Healthcare agencies and territory planners must, in order to build and deliver policies and programs, understand and explain patient flows within their territories. Running analysis for this has traditionally taken too many resources and too much time, so the task is done only ad-hoc.

Amalfi Analytics’ ALOE enables managers and planners to quickly detect unusual or non-protocoled patient flows and uncover the patterns of each group, so they can allocate resources efficiently and develop policies supported by actual, relevant data.


  • Immediate view of differential patterns of patients by catchment area.
  • Dashboard views highlight anomalies in patient mobility within the territory, saving analysts’ time.
  • Indication of intensity of use of resources within a territory.
  • Existing data customized to your case, with results that can be filtered by several parameters providing the views you need.
  • Easy implementation since ALOE uses existing data from your data warehouse.
  • Display of associations of conditions to understand different behaviors of patient groups, facilitating the set-up and running of efficient prevention programs.


Territorial Agencies

National Healthcare Services


  • Customizable filters based on your data.
  • Flow charts to instantly visualize geographical movements of your population.
  • Differential patterns of health conditions, split by whether or not patients leave their area.
  • Distribution by DRG allowing to combine diagnostic-related groups with the use of resources.
  • Visualization of groups of diseases with a stronger association in a particular group.
  • Georeferenced patient flows.
  • Data privacy guaranteed, including EU’s GDPR compliance.

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Territorial Management – ALOE