ViiV Healthcare – Càpsules d'Innovació: ANÀLISI DE DADES

ViiV Healthcare – Innovation Capsules: DATA ANALYSIS

ViiV Healthcare – Innovation Capsules: DATA ANALYSIS.

As part of ViiV’s technology dissemination programme, our co-founder and medical director Julianna Ribera, together with the pharmacist of the Puerto Real Hospital, Manuel David, talk to us about how new technologies help in the conduct, analysis and interpretation of clinical trials and cohort studies.

This programme aims to offer valuable content and help improve the knowledge of hospital pharmacists to enhance their efficiency in this new context through new developments in digital environments and innovation and their applicability in the daily practice of the pharmaceutical environment. It also aims to present tools that can help to increase efficiency and improve current systems (both drug evaluation and data analysis).

We invite you to click on the following image to see the full content.

ViiV Healthcare - Innovation Capsules: DATA ANALYSIS

Click on the image below to download the use case focused on the study of breast cancer patients.

ViiV Healthcare - Innovation Capsules: DATA ANALYSIS

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